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Getting Our Product Available for Purchase ...

I'm reminded of a time about 14 years ago when I was a senior year in high school, taking the ACT test..

I felt as if I had been sitting in that testing-seat FOOOOREEEVVEERRR.

And in that moment I realized....

I still had a bajillion questions to answer and, like, two more hours of test-taking-hell.

I won't forget it.

And I won't forget the tiny tear that fell from my cheek onto my multiple choice answer sheet. 

The feeling was exasperation.

And that feeling is similar to what I've been dealing with lately...

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Woke Up With Anxiety? Try this!

I woke up this anxiety this morning. 

This isn’t a new thing.

This happens sometimes.

Not just to me, but to everyone.

And especially for those who regularly struggle with anxiety.

What IS new, though, is knowing I have a solution. 

This solution… is not just ONE thing, but a combination of things.

Today, I want to share my anxiety-busting combination with you.

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