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Anxiety is a Beast. How to Tame it, Naturally.

Anxiety is a beast and to be able to tame it would be life-changing. AMIRIGHT?

I spend quite a bit of time chatting with customers about getting rid of their anxiety because I’ve been there and done that and it’s rough.

Yes, I believe our probiotic and blend can help heal anxiety.

And, yet, I also believe that gut health and nutritional restoration are only pieces of a bigger puzzle.

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The How to Feel Better Workshop

When I was coaching, I worked with my clients on their mindset.

It was awesome work, because we could create so much positive change.

I loved helping people feel better and get excited about their life.

We focused on creating awareness around thoughts patterns. And, then, putting new energy and attention into new patterns we wanted to create.

But I could tell there were more pieces to the puzzle regarding ‘how to feel better’ and I wanted to:

1.) learn them

B.) share them

(Insert winkie face.)

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