The RELIEF Course

I created this course because I get so many emails from people who are trapped inside the suffering of the mind. And I’m pretty sure I have a way out... ;)

The solution combines years of life coaching techniques, personal growth books, courses and trainings all boiled down to one, simple, potent e-course.

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Anxiety is a Beast. How to Tame it, Naturally.

Anxiety is a beast and to be able to tame it would be life-changing. AMIRIGHT?

I spend quite a bit of time chatting with customers about getting rid of their anxiety because I’ve been there and done that and it’s rough.

Yes, I believe our probiotic and blend can help heal anxiety.

And, yet, I also believe that gut health and nutritional restoration are only pieces of a bigger puzzle.

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Sylvia Hallanxiety
Healing Mood Issues Through Nutrient Restoration

Mood Boosting Blend: This new product is somewhat like a multivitamin, but it doesn’t have dozens of different vitamins and minerals. Why? Because many people are not deficient or in need of ALL of those vitamins.

Also many people (especially anxiety-prone or mood sensitive people) can have issues with certain vitamins within a multivitamin. As you've probably noticed by now, Lifted has a big-ol' sweet spot for the anxiety-prone.

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