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Probiotics - Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.  It would be our pleasure to help you!

What are the side-effects of taking your probiotics?

Side-effects from probiotics are mild and rare.

Typically, side-effects indicate that the probiotic is "working" to evolve your gut bacteria. Those "cues" are typically gas or bloating. These symptoms should subside fairly quickly, though that varies from individual-to-individual.

If you have these side-effects, you can slow down your dosage and allow your body time to get adjusted to the influx of good bacteria.


Should I take probiotics daily for the rest of my life (like with multivitamins) or is there a certain period of time I should take them?

Bacteria can only survive in your system for a limited time, so for sustained benefit, continued consumption is required. The great news: the prebiotic in our formula is designed to keep working, even after you've stopped taking them. So, cheers to that!


What kinds of health issues CAN probiotics help WITH?

* enhanced digestive function

* improved immune system

* mental health support

* urinary tract infection prevention and treatment

* food-borne illnesses protection

* prevention and treatment of eczema in children

* treatment of bowel issues

* ...and so much more! The research on this is so new and exciting!


What's the deal with prebiotics?

Prebiotics feed the good bacteria that's already in your stomach. Probiotics, on the other hand, add good bacteria to your gut. We wanted ours to have both. And, because of our purposeful selection of the GOS prebiotic, we like to think of it as 'the cherry on top' for our mood boosting formulas. Two of our probiotics have prebiotics included (Mood Boosting Probiotic and Bifidus Mood Boost), and one of our formulas is free of prebiotics (Mood Super Strains).


Can you take probiotics at same time as multivitamin?

Yes! Some dietitians even recommend taking them together.


Does your probiotic have to be refrigerated?

No. Our probiotic is shelf-stable. We created it that way intentionally, because we know you are on the go! Traveling to see your friends, your family, or the world should not require a mini-fridge on your back. We get that.


What if I skip a day?

You can skip a day. That's no problem. But if you skip a lot of days, and you are looking to see the health/mood benefits of our product, you might not be satisfied. Try taking one capsule or even two capsules per day for an entire month to really see the benefits!


What if I'm taking other medicine?

The main interaction you want to be cautious of is antibiotics. If you are taking an antibiotic, follow the special directions below.


Can I take your probiotic if I am taking an antibiotic?

Yes! And you should! The most important thing is to SPACE them out. If you take your antibiotic in the morning, wait two to three hours to take your probiotic. 


Is your supplement FDA approved?

Our supplements are made in a registered FDA facility that is Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified. 


The capsule is too large for me (or my children) to swallow. Can I open the capsule?

Yes! If the capsule is too large to swallow, you can open the capsule and pour the contents into an apple sauce, yogurt, or even a small glass of juice. You can also do this if the product is too strong, and a smaller dosage is preferred. Actually, we highly recommend starting out slow and the best way to do that is by opening the capsule and pouring the desired amount into a drink or applesauce.


Where is Are your MoodS PROBIOTICS Available to Purchase?

Our probiotics are currently available to purchase directly from our site or on Amazon

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